Sunday, 30 August 2009

I am still here :0)

Good afternoon everyone,
Hope your enjoying your weekend i am relaxing a little, i've been visiting a few of you today as i was determined to get some done.
I am sorry but ran out of time, now i've got to get on with dinner or we will be eating it at bedtime lol.
As soon as i get more organised i will be back with some cards to show and catching up on all of you i've missed today just wanted to let you all know i'm still around but not as often (its this new job what with that and trying to fit all the chores in i've lost a lot of my blogging time)
Well hopefully things can only get better :)
Hope you all have a great week to come
Big hugzz Val xxx


Donna said...

I hope things settle down for you soon Val, have been missing your cards :) Donna x

Elaine said...

Hope things settle for your soon, and you will sooon get into a new routine in time :) I love coming to see your cards and as soon as youre updated I will see it in my google reader and visit again :)

Elaine x

POPPET said...

Stopping by to give you a wave and send you a big {HUG} lots of love Pops x x x

Bev said...

Hiya, giving you big waves from another bad blogger, that hasn't been doing enough blogging or card making. hope ya well, Tc and looking forward to seeing some cards, as I need loads of help at more mojo gone and been gone for a while. xx