Thursday, 22 January 2009

Tag Game

Hi all,
Sally has tagged me,
The instructions are to navigate to where you keep your pictures, choose the 6th folder then choose the 6th picture and tell about it. Well this was mine. This photo was the photo i ended up at it was taken when we first got our little yorkie (jimmy) he was 3 yrs old on 12th jan this year and as you can see my DS adores him.
He is such a cutie but he is under the impression he is a rottweiler
believe me he makes an excellent guard dog and true to form he is very very yappy lol
I hope i dont get into bother from my DS putting his pic up on here as when he drew my candy winner he refused to get his face in the photo's lol bless him he's a little camera shy :)
As i told Sally what the heck i'll go for it my shoulders are broad enough (Literally) lol.
1. Navigate to where you keep your pictures, select the 6th folder, and the 6th picture in that folder.
2. Post the picture on your blog with an explanation about the picture.
3. Tag 6 others to do the same, and let them know they have been tagged!
so here's the lucky six.

There thats done maybe i can make a card before i hit the sack lol
Hope you six lovely bloggers dont mind, its all in fun but i know a lot of awards n stuff has been going around and it cuts into your crafting time lol
so if you really have'nt got the time to spare then i wont be offended if you dont join in the game
hope you've all had a great evening catcha later
Hugzz val xxx


joey said...

hehehehe Val, I havent checked what that piccy shall be yet, but I hope its as lovely as yours is, will I be so lucky hehehe off to go check, shall prob blog it tomoz if its embrassing as i will need to find something to say to cover that lol. Thanks for bringing a little fun my way hun :O) xxx

Sue said...

aww Val
what a gorgeous piccie, joey hit me with it so will do it later, have good day hun. sue.xx

Emma said...

Lovely picture Val...gorgeous.
Emma x

Sue said...

Hehe Val
left you a little something on me blog hun, sue.xx